Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crowley Coupledom's top 10 most-read stories of the year

It seems like every blog I'm reading has their top 10 most-read stories listed now as the year comes to an end, so why not list mine? What were the must-read stories of 2010? I let you decide!

No. 10 was "Surrounding yourself with uplifting, encouraging couples." "As a married couple, I've found it's so important to surround ourselves with other uplifting, encouraging couples as often as we can."

No. 9 on the list was "To love, the decision." "Define what we mean by the term 'love.' What I term as the word is '"putting the needs of others above yourself.' Doesn't sound like an emotion to me. That is an action, a purposeful intention one makes. A decision."

No. 8 was "A top 10 list of top 10 lists." Among those lists given were top 10 marriage mistakes, 10 awesome gifts for married couples and top 10 reasons to communicate.

No. 7 was "I choose you today, tomorrow and every day." "...so now every morning before we part for our days, we leave with saying, '"I choose you today,' to each other. I like to believe it starts our day out with our priorities in the right place, putting each other above everything else, under our relationship with God. If we have each other, not much else matters."

No. 6 was "Engagement video finally made." Ha, I don't know if people thought I'd actually posted the video on this post, but it was actually just a statement that I'd finally made one. I couldn't post it on YouTube because it was too big or used music that had been copyrighted or something. Does anyone know how I can post it online?

No. 5 was "Thankful for having the same mindset on marriage." "How did I get so blessed to be married to a man who loves being married and thinks the utmost of the sacrament of marriage? These are his own words, by the way. That divorce is never an option."

No. 4 was "Marriage bucket list." I listed life experiences I wanted to have with Mark that included having children, diving the Great Barrier Reef and making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

No. 3 was "Couples to Behold: Lauren and John Knaus." A part of a series I'm doing that features our married friends and qualities they possess in their relationships I would like to emulate. "One of the things I admire about Lauren's and John's relationship is how, as a couple, they place value on familial relationships ... While I know there can be an imbalance for couples when it comes to extended family, I think Lauren and John have found that great level that works for them and nourishes their relationship as a couple. Having that support system can make a huge impact!

No. 2 was "Reason no. 532 my husband is awesome." A thank you post to Mark for doing the things he doesn't like or that turn out to be more work than he bargained for, all because I asked him to or it would make me happy.

No. 1 was "Catholic 20-Somethings Ministry = Cupid." "Now looking at the ministry five years later (five years of 20-Somethings -- crazy?!), after having met my own husband through it, I can appreciate the fact that it has changed lives in bringing future spouses together, resulting in families."

Thanks for following my blog this year! I look forward to continuing to share my married experience with anyone who will read. :) Let me know if you have anything in particular about which you'd like to hear!

June 13, 2009


  1. Ha, great list! Our local "Catholic young adult group" (YAG) has really changed lives too. We've had so many vocations come out of it. I enjoy your blog... you have some great ideas here! And I like how you feature certain couples... marriage is about real people, not just theories, right? :)

  2. Thanks Sarah! Marriage is certainly about real people. There are so many wonderful couples in my life from whom I can learn! Glad you enjoy my little random thoughts I post on here. :)


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