Friday, March 11, 2011

Couples to Behold: Erin and David Osman

The Osmans are a fabulous couple to know! They're a ton of fun, very kind, have the hearts of servants and great faith and are strong-willed. I've known Erin and David since I met Mark, so about five years now. He's known this great pair since Erin was in middle school. Basically forever. Erin and David were high school sweethearts, I'm pretty sure. Adorable!

One of the most admirable qualities about the Osmans is that they definitely know how to have fun and make sure everyone else around them is having a good time, too. A lot of people joke that when their friends get married, that couple becomes boring and doesn't do anything anymore but sit at home and hide out from the world. Not the Osmans. They often throw shindigs at their home, make it out on the town, travel to fun places like New Orleans ... they are out and about quite often.

Remembering to keep the fun in a relationship and remain social with the outside world are things from which all couples would benefit. No one likes a boring pair. The Osmans are anything but. :)

David and Erin Osman; Jan. 8, 2011; D'Mello wedding

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