Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marriage bucket list

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that focused on seizing the day.  The host posed the question that we each reflect on what we might change or how we might behave if we found out we only had three months to live, a year to live.  Now, we've all talked about this at some point or another; it's not exactly a new topic.  But, for whatever reason, it touched my heart yesterday.

I'm very blessed to pretty much be comfortable with dying today, this week, this year, whenever.  I think the people in my life know how much I love them, and I have no life-changing regrets.  Do I want to kick the bucket anytime soon?  Not in the least.  There are still many things I want to experience in this lifetime before I knock on Heaven's gate.

So, per the advice of yesterday's podcast and so many others, let me make a list of things I'd like to experience in my marriage before God calls me home.  (There are others, but since this blog is about my marriage, I'll stay focused.)

Life experiences I want to have with Mark
  • Have children
  • Travel (Europe, cruise, Hawaii, Ireland, Scotland, etc.)
  • Open a wine bar????  I always say this.  Am I serious?  It would be fun ...
  • Visit New York City at Christmastime
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Own a vacation home in Destin and visit very, very regularly
  • Go on a few family vacations with extended family
  • Minister together in some way.  We are pretty involved in our own ministries but haven't done much ministry together, apart from the Catholic 20-Somethings Ministry, from which we retired a couple years ago.
  • Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary: June 13, 2059 (!)
  • Pay off a house mortgage
  • Read the entire Bible
  • Make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  • After much life together, serve as an engaged sponsor couple to those preparing for marriage
I'm sure much more will be added down the road, but this will have to start me off!  Wow, what a fun life we have ahead of us. :)

Cancun, Thanksgiving 2009


  1. Start a Great Adventure: Bible Timeline study at St. Thomas More - it's a great way to read the entire bible together. Jeff Cavins helps untangle the narrative thread of the story of salvation. It's awesome.

  2. You are seriously an inspiration. Thank you.

    love you.

  3. I love this! Your friend, Kelly, will visit your Destin vacation home very, very regularly...as well as your Wine bar!! Oh my goodness, if I could be an investor, I would! Heck...I may be able to ;-)...one day...I love you honey!


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