Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Couples to Behold: Lauren and John Knaus

Mark grew up with John and I've known Lauren since 2006 / 2007 through the Catholic 20-Somethings Ministry.  They got married May 8, 2010, so they're still newlyweds! :)  I've been around since the beginning of their relationship, so I've been blessed to witness them grow together as a couple.  Mark's group of guy friends and their girlfriends / wives often travel together, so we've all been on several trips together, from Miami to Dallas to the Texas Hill Country, and we spend a lot of time together here in the great ATX.  I think it's safe to say that we'll be a constant in each others' lives forever since this group of guys is so close and has been together so long!  I pray we have a lot of life together to look forward to!

One of the things I admire about Lauren's and John's relationship is how, as a couple, they place value on familial relationships.  John's dad was his best man at the wedding.  They live within 15 minutes of both sets of parents.  Lauren was just talking a couple of days ago about how important her family continues to grow to her.  While I know there can be an imbalance for couples when it comes to extended family, I think Lauren and John have found that great level that works for them and nourishes their relationship as a couple.  Having that support system can make a huge impact!

Another great couple to know!

Lauren and John Knaus, February 2010, Payne Engagement Party

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