Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers for couples going through divorce

I want to ask for prayers for some friends and family of friends I have going through divorce. Divorce is so painful, and sometimes it's hard to know what to pray for in regards to such turmoil.

I ask that you lift up these troubled couples in prayer and ask for God's grace, peace and will be done.

Prayer to Saint Joseph
Based on Matthew 1:18-25

We ask your prayers, St. Joseph, an upright man, a spouse who planned to divorce Mary in secret and who, by God's grace, was able to see his role in God's plan.

We ask you in our behalf to pray to God that our loved ones' marriages be healed. We are enveloped in pain and despair as you must have been when you learned of Mary's pregnancy. Be for and with us, Joseph, in our hour of doubt. Let us listen to and heed the voice of God as you did.

Be our intercessor to your Jesus, to give us the blessings to change, to listen, to forgive and most of all to hope that their marriages will heal and their families remain whole and holy.

We give you honor, quiet St. Joseph, for you are a spouse like us, who while knowing pain, did not divorce. By God's grace you nourished the Holy Family and the Savior of all families throughout the ages.

*Taken from Retrouvaille, marriage help for couples with marital problems

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