Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Date Night Recap 9/11/12: Sushi Night

I'm so excited that even though my husband's least favorite food is seafood, he'll still take me out for sushi! Last night was his night to plan Date Night, and he picked Mikado Ryotei, rated No. 3 on Trip Advisor's top sushi restaurants in Austin (after Uchi and Finn & Porter).

Tuesdays are great to go to Mikado Ryotei because they have discounted prices on Tuesday for their sushi, which was delish! We got two orders of sushi and four rolls (I think), edamame, a beer for Mark and sake for the both of us, and the total was only $37. Nice!! It's not too often we get away with a total price of Date Night under $40.

After sushi, we headed home to watch "Courageous." I really enjoyed the movie, which was about a group of small town law enforcement officers who realized how important the role of fatherhood plays, and they all make a resolution to strive to become holier fathers and husbands. A tear jerker at times with a meaningful message and reminder to everyone -- everyone because we all have a father.

I recommend both the restaurant and movie!

June 13, 2009. Cheers to us!

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  1. Great Movie!!! we got to see it when it came out in the theaters, and I cried like a baby! :)


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