Friday, September 21, 2012

Port Aransas vacation

Mark's parents planned a recent mini-vacation to Port Aransas, Texas, which was fabulous since I haven't been to the beach in two years! Whoa, I was overdue. This was supposed to be a Destin year for us (you know I generally go every other year), but we couldn't swing it this year. NEXT YEAR, we are going, come hell or high water. Seriously.

Ha, but our Port A Crowley trip was full of good times! We, unfortunately, just missed Katie, Paul and Kenna as we arrived a couple days after everyone had gotten there, and it was also when KPK needed to head back home for work. We were able to spend a few days with Veronica, David and the girls as well as Peter and Judy and Rich. I was having such a wonderful time soaking up the sun that I stayed a day past when Mark left and instead rode home with Judy and Rich. I fell asleep on the beach one day and was lucky Mark and his parents came out to find me before I completely roasted like a lobster. I don't remember ever having done that!

I'll be headed back to a beach in just a few weeks when I go on my sister's bachelorette cruise to Cozumel, Mexico ... yippee! Ah, how I adore the beach. Vacation is just good for the soul.

 Jen and Veronica

 Peter and Jen


 Violet and Olivia

 Mark and Jen

 Jen and Mark

 Mmmm....seafood boil

 Beautiful day!

Judy and Rich

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