Monday, December 27, 2010

Couples to Behold: Christi and Thomas Payne

Christi and Thomas were just married six months ago. A few short 197 days later, this husband and wife are expecting their first child at the end of March 2011! How God chooses to bless our marriages is awesome, and I'm so excited for them as they journey toward parenthood.

I first met Christi when she was a new parishioner at Saint Mary Cathedral and I was the director of ministries there -- about four years ago, perhaps? I met her for dinner at Central Market to get to know her better and see where her interests might lie in getting involved at the Cathedral. Our friendship quickly took hold and she has since become one of my dearest friends. We were in each others' weddings and will, no doubt, remain close friends over the course of time.

Thomas, I met when he and Christi began dating about a year and a half ago -- on the dance floor of my wedding, to be exact! He is a sweet guy and clearly couldn't be any happier than to be married to his beautiful wife.

What I love about Christi's and Thomas' relationship is how they recognize the meaningfulness in doing the little things for one another. Every now and again I'll hear about how Thomas has left something out for Christi at the house for when she gets home from work, whether it be a special drink, flowers or just something else to make her smile. Thomas knows just how to bring that girly smile to Mrs. Payne's face, and not much else says pure joy when you catch a glimpse of it. Christi loves taking care of Thomas and being the nurturing wife that comes so naturally for her. They both honor what makes a relationship stand true and steady -- by doing little things for one another often. Sure, the big celebrations and gifts are important and create special memories, but it's those thoughtful everyday gestures and affirmations that are the most powerful and will grow and strengthen the relationship.

An awesome couple to know!

Christi and Thomas Payne, June 19, 2010

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