Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesdays = Date Night

Don't ever try to plan anything with the Crowleys (us) on Tuesdays.  It just won't happen.  After a few months of marriage, Mark and I committed to Tuesdays being a regular date night for us, no matter what.  We realize how important it is to continue dating one another after the wedding day and plan to take the same seriousness of it even after we have children. 

Our marriage preparation emphasized the importance of always making sure your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship outside of your relationship with God -- more important than your relationship with your children, siblings, parents, friends, etc.  How beautiful!  How true.  The most basic ingredient of a strong, everlasting marriage, if you ask me.

We take turns planning Date Night, which has been a lot of fun!  Mark's always been a pretty amazing date planner, and I try to follow in planning new places for us to go and new things for us to try.

Some of the places we've been on Date Night include:
Last night was Mark's turn to plan, and as always, he came up with the coolest idea!  We went to Malaga Tapas and Bar for Paella Night, and it was yummy.  The reservation got us a seat at the table in the back where the restaurant owner spent an hour and a half making Paella De Pollo a la Pipitoria (Chicken Pipitoria Paella) and a glass of wine.  We enjoyed some amazing calamari while watching the Paella being made and good conversation with the owner.  Every Tuesday there is Paella Night, which is apparently a pretty big deal!  You have to call in advance to get a reservation and seat at the intimate table in the back.  We plan to go back when he makes Crayfish Paella!  It kind of looks like jambalaya, but the flavor is pretty different.  It's delish!

Mark has so many great ideas that he's even started his own blog on date planning, which you can check out at

Can't wait until next Tuesday!  My turn ...

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