Monday, December 14, 2009

Put Down the Label Maker and Write with a Pen

I definitely appreciate handwritten notes, even hand-addressed envelopes much more than computer-generated ones. I absolutely love all of the Christmas cards we've been receiving and feel very special to have been thought of, but it's just that personal touch when it's hand-written that makes you feel worthwhile to someone. From the blog "Small Notebook..."

Put Down the Label Maker and Write with a Pen:

When I was in college I made a photo album, and I actually used a computer to print some of the descriptions, because I thought it would look better than my own handwriting. People used to care about penmanship, but now we’re used to texting “how r u?” Any handwriting is nice to see now, no matter how messy.

Your handwriting is as personal as a finger print. Use it to add warmth and character around your home.

Put down the label maker and write the labels for your files.

I almost used the typewriter to make labels for these drawers, but then I remembered that writing them was good enough.

Even though most recipes are on the computer, it’s really comforting to see the recipe cards in my mom and grandma’s handwriting.

Make sure your kids write their names on the backs of handmade ornaments.

Crossing something off of a to do list is far more satisfying with pen and paper.

The summer I met Doug, I wouldn’t give him my email address. When summer was over and I went back to school, he had to write me letters. I saved every one.

Let Twitter have the day off and write in a journal instead.

Notes to family, grocery lists, thank you notes… What do you like to write?

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