Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thankful for companionship

There are many things about marriage I love ... Today I am thankful for Mark's companionship. 

The word "companion" is defined as:
  • one who accompanies another
  • one who is closely connected with something similar
The last couple of weeks have seemed a little crazy for me ... between the holidays and minor crises involving my personal information, emotions have been running somewhat high on my end.  One thing I learn from Mark on a regular basis is taking life with a grain of salt.  He is Mr. Laid Back, easygoing, roll with the punches kinda fellow, while I lie on pretty much on the complete opposite side of the spectrum: Ms. Detail Oriented, thorough planner, analytical kinda girl.

He has been so patient with me these last few weeks and is counter-acting my frenzy with such grace.  Yesterday, for example, he helped me look high and low, even going through the garbage and dirty clothes, to try to find something.  When the conclusion finally came to being that we weren't going to find it, he so calmly and lovingly helped me to realize it wasn't that big of a deal that really had a simple solution.

Those moments of peace that occur right after you realize everything's going to be OK are so sweet.  Mark allows me these moments more than he realizes. 

What does this have to do with companionship?  To me, the idea of companionship means loyalty and assistance, among other things.  Sticking by me when I seem a little nutty and helping me to be a better person beautifully illustrates loyalty and assistance.

My perfect companion provides me those moments of clarity to see the bigger picture.  How beautiful.

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