Monday, December 7, 2009

Mexican Thanksgiving

Sorry for the delay in my reporting on our "Mexican Holiday," as the Europeans call their vacations ("holiday").  Nonetheless, our trip to Cancun for Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous!  We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather, delicious food, great scuba diving and couple time.  It was like a little mini-post-honeymoon!  We even won a future trip to Destin, FL (my heaven) at a silent auction one evening.  We're so blessed to be able to have these little getaways during this early part of our marriage.  God is so good!

Just before boarding a boat for our Sunset Lovers Lobster and Steak Dinner Cruise

Beautiful Mexican sunset

At a benefit for disabled children at the Ritz Carlton Cancun


Neat idea of stones in martini glasses ... I've already done the same with the martini glasses in our wine bar

Enjoying the amazing food and drinks at the benefit

Diving the Caribbean Sea for the third time (first for us in Cancun)

Our last night on the trip

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