Thursday, December 3, 2009

Going green: recycling

It's true ... I've never really recycled before.  If there was a recycle bin nearby a trashcan that offered me the option to conveniently place it in the bin right then at that moment, I'd go ahead and take part.  It's not like I was seeking out places to find recycle bins or sorting through my trash to be as green as I could.

Alas, I've shifted gears as of late.

Everyone on our street has recycle bins out with their trash cans on trash day, and I have other friends who take the time and care to recycle, and, lastly, recycling is part of being good stewards of our environment, and good stewardship is something I preach everyday in my full-time ministry.  So, I made the call to our trash company and requested a recycle bin.

Last week it was dropped off with our trash, and I was excited to bring it into the garage and get started on this fun, new project.  Then, I realized I had no idea what could be recycled.  A milk carton cap?  Macaroni boxes?  Junk mail?  So, being the organized person I am, I found a little recycling guidelines sheet on the Internet, printed it out and posted it above the trashcan in the kitchen so I'd review it whenever I started to throw something away.

Day by day I've been bringing things out to our bin, and it brings a small sense of accomplishment when I walk out to the garage and see the bin filling up more and more.  It puts a picture on how it is we try to be good stewards of our environment.

Now, the wine bottles have also started to pile up in the bin.  Ha, it's enough to make a girl buy boxed wine so our neighbors don't worry about us and our love of wine ... ():-)

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