Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas tree decorations

So Mark and I are trying to decide how we want to decorate our first Christmas tree together:
  • I would rather have one main elegant color-themed tree, featuring two colors (was thinking red and gold) and then a smaller fake tree somewhere, featuring ornaments from our childhood.
  • Mark would rather have one tree, featuring all of our childhood ornaments and any new ornaments we collect over the years.
I just know that once we have children, we'll start to collect all of the ornaments they make and bring into the family, so I'd like to have an elegant tree now while we can.  However, I understand Mark's point of view that he likes how our ornaments from our childhood tell stories about who we are and from where we've come.  I want him to like our tree, so maybe I can bring back all of the red and gold decorations I bought last night.  Or maybe I can keep a few and we can still try to have a main theme of red and gold to include our childhood ornaments?


1 comment:

  1. i bought red and gold today!!!!! great minds think alike. sadly i don't have any childhood ornaments to add... mom kept them all. so enjoy both sweet friend. i do like the two tree idea though. xoxo


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