Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Couples to Behold: Michelle and Forrest Higdon

Forrest Higdon is another friend of Mark's whom he's known since Forrest was in middle school, or somewhere around there, and Michelle is his beautiful wife. I was blessed to be able to witness their wedding four years ago, not too long after Mark and I had first started dating.

One thing I admire about this fabulous couple is their spirituality. I could be wrong, but I think they met through church while they were in college (Catholic fraternity and sorority?). They also volunteered in our current church's youth program, Life Teen, for a while and participated in a small faith-sharing group Mark and I led several years ago. It's such a beautiful thing to not only be able to share your faith with your spouse but also to grow in your spirituality together as a couple. While some folks go their own way in their search for God, Michelle and Forrest demonstrate well the value they place on growing in it together.

Another great couple we're blessed to know!

Michelle and Forrest Higdon, March 2010, Crilly Couples' Shower

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