Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedding season has begun

I love weddings!  I love dressing up, dancing, fine cuisine and, most of all, watching two of my favorite people unite in one of the holiest unions known to man -- marriage.

This last weekend, our good friends, Lauren and John, were married after almost three years of dating.  It was a beautiful weekend of events, and Mark and I were blessed to have been a part of it in the wedding party.

May 8, 2010, John and Lauren just after their Nuptial Mass

Remaining May weddings:
Chelsea and Jon
Bekah and Ryan

June weddings:
Amy and Sunil
Christi and Thomas

July weddings:
Rachel and Carl
Jenn and Justin

Love it!  

Another reason why I love weddings so much is because I think it's a beautiful reminder to me and Mark, and all married couples, of our commitment to one another.  It's with such joy that we witness the excitement and overwhelming feelings of love that the bride and groom has for the other, and it brings me back to our own wedding day.  I remember how I felt in the bride's room as I waited to meet my future husband at the foot of the altar -- oh, how the minutes crept by!  I remember walking down the aisle, watching my husband behind my veil grow nearer and nearer with every step I took -- by far, my most favorite part of the day.  I remember our first dance as husband and wife as well as our last dance that day -- how we sang Jason Mraz to one another as the end of our reception came to a bittersweet end.  I remember the rushing feeling of excitement as we ran out of the reception doors into the limo, dodging the sparkler sparks and seeing off our loved ones as we climbed into our getaway car after a long weekend of emotion-filled events.

I hope those feelings will never escape me as we grow older, but I am so thankful that we had all of it videoed!  I highly recommend to every bride and groom to video, at least, the wedding ceremony and the reception if you can -- even if it's just a friend with a camcorder!  Visually seeing yourself later on film brings back those feelings and helps you to recapture all the things going through your mind.

So, thanks to our loved ones who have invited us to witness their own wedding days.  It's a most beautiful day that offers Mark and me the chance to reminisce and recommit to one another over and over again.

Thanksgiving 2009, Cancun, Mexico trip

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