Thursday, October 14, 2010

Couples to Behold: Debbi and Mike Apperson

Funny as this may sound, I actually don't know Debbi and Mike all too well.  I've only met them a couple times, the first time being a ski trip we all went on earlier this year; we ran into them a month after that at a hockey game.  Mark has known Mike for years ... they probably grew up together, like so many of Mark's current friends.  Even with only having met them a small handful of times, I admire Debbi and Mike and know their relationship has something to teach me and Mark.  Probably the greatest aspects of their relationship I've taken away from knowing them so far is that they have fun together and really seem to understand one another.  Just witnessing the way they interacted on the trip, I could tell how well they go together.  A great couple to know!

Mike and Debbi, Keystone, CO ski trip January 2010

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