Friday, February 12, 2010

5 fruitful things you can do for your marriage right now

1.  Pray.  Pray for you two as a married couple.  Pray that God would enter into your relationship in a new way and renew your love for one another.  Pray that your marriage will stand the test of time and be protected from all temptations of evil and sin.  Pray that every purpose God has for your marriage might be fulfilled and that He would make something beautiful out of your relationship.  If you don't have children yet, pray that in the fullness of time God would allow you to become stewards of some of His children, if it would be good and pleasing to Him.  Pray that you and your spouse might reflect that of the Holy Family -- as a wife, striving more to be like our Blessed Mother Mary, and as a husband, striving more to be like St. Joseph.  Pray that you two would be given what you need to be a good husband and a good wife and that you would have the desire and courage to use those gifts to be what you've been called to become.

2.  Do something unexpected for your spouse.  If you are apart, send him a text message or e-mail for no reason other than to remind him that you love him more than anything.  If you are together, go find him, give him a big hug and tell him that you love him more than anything.

3.  Plan a date night within the next week.  If you haven't already, do everything you can to establish a regular date night to keep your love alive.  This is the most important relationship you will ever have.  Ever.  Spend time on improving it.

4.  Ask forgiveness.  I guarantee you there is something for which you can apologize.  Being grumpy last night or not following through with something you said you would do.  How have you put yourself above the needs of your spouse lately?  Recognize it and make amends.

5.  Work on yourself as a spouse.  Take some time to really reflect on how you, personally, can be a better wife or husband.  What is an honest answer to the question of what's keeping you from being the best spouse you can possibly be?  Is it trust?  Patience?  Not making enough time for him?  Make a commitment to try to go the rest of today working on that one area.  "I'm going to work on being more ______ today."  Then wake up tomorrow and commit to working on that one area again that day.  Repeat daily until you feel like you're making progress.  If you focus on a specific area of improvement, you will feel more fruitful and have some measurables in feeling like you're truly doing something to improve your marriage and yourself as a spouse.

February 2009, Engagement Celebration dinner at the Merhars'

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