Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Planning for Valentine's Day

Sometimes Mark and I have taken turns in planning the various celebrations in our lives: Valentine's Days, anniversaries, date nights.  When I asked him this year what we wanted to do for Valentine's Day, he came up with a new idea for us -- we each take half the day.  Oooh, a whole day of celebrating our love for one another??  Sounds much better than just a few hours at dinner!  We agreed upon him taking the morning and I'm taking the afternoon.  As it turns out, he now has something planned for us until 5 p.m., so I take charge for our evening plans.  I've gone back and forth over what I want to do, but I think I finally settled on the bulk of it.  Details need to be pinned down, but I think it'll be a fabulous evening!  What I'm really excited about is his gift, though ... been planning it for a while!
An oldie but a goodie ... my 26th birthday '07


  1. Wait... i want to know details... what's the gift what are y'all doing?? Am I going to have to wait until after valentines day to know it all?

    Y'all are a beautiful (inside and out) couple!

  2. I'll send you an e-mail, Jess! ;-)


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