Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couple to emulate: the Merhars

"Oma" and "Opa" make up one of my very favorite couples in the whole wide world.  Oma, the beautiful blondie on the left aka Jan Merhar, and Opa, the distinguished gentleman on the right aka Dave Merhar, are two amazing people who have been married for 40 years.  Almost 41!

I was blessed to befriend them when I worked at Saint Mary Cathedral, when I quickly took it upon myself to adopt them as my Oma and Opa. They would do anything for those they love, and it's perfectly natural for them to treat strangers like family.

If Mark and I are so blessed as to live at least 40 years together (more, please God!), not much would make me happier than to have the strong, loving, giddy type of marriage the Merhars have to this day.  Sitting in my office at the Cathedral, I would listen to Opa call Oma and act like an excited and infatuated teenager the moment she picked up the phone, just to hear her voice.  He would spot her across a parking lot or approaching the office and tell everyone in the office to turn their attention toward the beautiful blonde walking in the door.  I witness the loving gazes Oma gives Opa and the warmth of her love when she is with him.  Being in the presence of their love is pretty overwhelming, actually. 

They've been through it all together, life, death, the military, living in Europe for 10 years, children, grandchildren, travel ... you name it. They've done so with such grace and still with the strong fire as a newlywed couple.

I, personally, think they should write a book on lessons learned (I think everyone in this world has a book to write on something, life lessons to share with the rest of us) in regards to marriage.  They'll tell you anything if you ask, and they have much advice to share for anyone who is wise enough to listen.

One of my favorite things Opa does is always send flowers to wherever Oma is staying when she travels without him.  The flowers are there when she arrives to greet her!  He also buys her one rose for every anniversary they celebrate.  He does an excellent job of continuing to "woo" his wife -- an important way to keep the spark alive, I'm sure!

The Merhars are good people.  Good people everyone, especially married couples, should meet.  Who are your "Merhars?"

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