Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Couples to Behold: Julie and Ken Richey

You're going to catch a theme within a theme here ... many of the guys grew up with Mark. It's bizarre / awesome how all the guys with whom Mark grew up are still the best of friends today. I don't really know any other groups of their size (10+ guys) who are still close after so many years. Talk about loyalty! It's pretty sweet.

In any case, Ken and Mark grew up together.

Julie and Ken have been married for 10ish years; they were the very first of the group to get married, long before I ever knew Mark. They were engaged after four months together! How awesome is that? When you know, you know. They're a great couple, and I'm sure since they're the ones in our group who have been married the longest, there's a lot we could learn from them about marriage!

One thing I admire about their relationship is how they really enjoy each other. From my knowing them a couple of years now, it's great to watch how they're comfortable with each other's individuality and just love hanging out together. You can tell they're good friends, more than just husband and wife. Maybe your marriage grows that way the longer you're married or maybe they've always been that way from day one of their relationship; either way, it's awesome.

Another fabulous couple we're blessed to know!

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Julie and Ken Richey, May 7, 2010, Knaus Rehearsal Dinner

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