Monday, November 8, 2010

Couples to Behold: Amy and Sunil Chaudhari

Sunil was Mark's first friend when Mark's family moved to Texas about 24 years ago. Apparently Sunil got the lucky assignment of showing Mark his book-covering skills.We were blessed to meet Amy about four years ago when she and Sunil first started dating; they are also newlyweds, having gotten married this past June (June 5, 2010).

One quality I admire about their relationship is that they are quick to forgive one another. Let's just admit it: when around good friends, you can usually tell when there is some tension between a couple. Disagreements happen all the time in a healthy relationship, and goodness knows Mark and I have shown it around those with whom we're comfortable. What's awesome about Amy and Sunil is that while it may appear they're in disagreement one moment, it's not too long before you turn around again and they've worked out whatever the issue is and they're back to their doting couple-selves. Being quick to forgive is something to be admired in anyone.

Another great couple to know!

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Amy and Sunil Chaudhari; Knaus wedding; May 8, 2010

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