Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date Night Recap 3/27/12: Andiamo's Wine Dinner

What a fun date the other night for Date Night -- the idea courtesy of my father-in-law, Rich Crowley! Mark and I went to a Wine Dinner at Andiamo Ristorante, where I had rabbit for the first time! I enjoyed it, but I don't think Mark was a big fan (of the rabbit). The four-course dinner was led by an Italian gentleman who was a wine sommelier, so that was neat, too. He gave some good background and explanations of the wines. I believe these wine dinners are monthly, so you should definitely check them out! At $45 pp, it wasn't as expensive as most wine dinners normally are, but it is more than we usually like to spend on Date Night. Regardless, what a fun date. When it involves wine (and it usually does), it always is! :)

Oct. 10, 2008; Dad's and Debbie's wedding

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