Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25 things you didn't know about us

  1. We were certified to scuba dive together and try to dive whenever we can when traveling.  We've dove in Cozumel, Mexico; Destin, FL; Cancun, Mexico; Placencia, Belize; and Austin, TX.  Mark's also dove a few other places.
  2. We would love to dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  3. We meet Mark's side of the family every Sunday afternoon for Family Meal.
  4. Our first kiss could have been on March 1, 2006, but that was Ash Wednesday and Mark didn't want to "endulge" in anything that day because of the self-denial significance of that day of observance.  So he waited until just after midnight to plant one.  Our anniversary became March 2.
  5. The movie "French Kiss" was on in the background.
  6. Mark told me he loved me for the first time on our one year anniversary.
  7. Our first vacation together was to Destin, FL -- Jen's Heaven.
  8. The first homecooked dinner we had as husband and wife upon returning from our honeymoon was Italian roasted pork tenderloin. The reason I know this is because every time I make a recipe from one of my cookbooks, I date it, list the occasion and my thoughts on it!  I love this.
  9. We pray together every night before going to sleep.  Even when we're apart if one of us is traveling.
  10. We take turns leading nightly prayer.
  11. Ever since we began dating, we try to read two different books of the Bible together every week.  We're trying to get through Job right now.  Wow, that guy just goes on and on.
  12. Neither one of us likes mushrooms.
  13. We've both worked for the Catholic Church.  Mark worked for two years as youth minister at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, and I've now worked as the director of ministries at Saint Mary Cathedral and St. John Neumann Catholic Church.
  14. We enjoy finding new places to spend date night.
  15. We have a shoe rule at our house: Mark's allowed to leave one pair of shoes laying around in any room (if we don't have company coming over).  If there is more than one pair laying around, Jen's allowed to put them up.
  16. We co-led a small faith-sharing group in the Catholic 20-Somethings Ministry while we were dating.
  17. We really enjoy working on the house and making it more and more our own.  We have a long Google docs project list where we keep crossing off projects and adding on more.
  18. I have played with the idea of having four kids someday. Mark says he wants 2.5 kids because that's the average number of kids per American family.  I'm interested to know how he plans on having half a child.

  19. We smoke cigars from time to time, usually on special occasions.  Mine are always the little flavored ones.
  20. I love going to weddings.
  21. Mark is not a fan.
  22. We both drive SUVs.  I have a 4runner; Mark has an Explorer.
  23. Our legs are the same length.
  24. We both blog.  Mark's can be found at
  25. Our last name is pronounced "crow" (as in the bird) "lee" -- "crow-lee."  You've probably heard other Crowleys pronounced "krow" (rhymes with "plow") "lee."  Mark says his ancestors changed the pronunciation because the author of the satanic bible is Aleister Crowley ("krow-lee"), and they didn't want to be associated with him.


  1. I currently have 1.5 kids because most of the time the hubby counts as 1/2 a kid, so it might be possible. ; )

  2. I love this post. You're an incredible woman.

  3. I loved learning these new things about my favorite long time friend ;-)

  4. Thanks friends. Y'all are too kind. I'm so glad you're enjoying my little tidbits! :)


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