Thursday, November 19, 2009

Theme: Wife-hood

It all started with a Facebook status post ...

"Jennifer ... would like to start a blog but wants it to have a purpose. What do you think I could focus on that would be interesting? Young adult ministry? The adventures of being a new wife and setting up home? Ministry in general? Etc.?"

Most everyone who responded agreed that a theme on the ministry of being a wife, home life and setting up home was what they wanted to read.

I'm excited about the different directions in which I can take a blog themed on the topic of being a newlywed, its trials and tribulations, adventures and inspirations! So I won't run out of topics for a while, I've made up myself a little list of the different posts I can make. As I mentioned before, I appreciate blogs that have a purpose, so I hope this medium achieves that and isn't just a group of ramblings. Feel free to send me topic suggestions!

So, here we go ...

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